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It’s around a year back, for the first time when I visited Threadless – a great tees website (or you can call it as online shop). One day I came to know about Twitter Tees (If you wonder what’s Twitter Tees, then I must say “It’s a project by Threadless where they print tweets highly voted by the community and sell for $18”). There are thousands apps are built on Twitter, and Twitter Tees is also one from the good ones. So, from here I came to know about this. I impressed by the great design of the website, the quality of the designs they print on the tshirts (which seems to be a good quality tshirt from the photo) and they way the show their tees – a guy or girl wearing the tee and a great photo!

After seeing Threadless and those tshirts anyone will love to have one or all (any number between one and all is also welcome).  So did I. I wanted to buy one form them. Then I started converting dollars to Indian Rupees to know how much a tee will cost. Normally all Threadless tees cost $18 and those are on sales cost $12 (Now, when I am writing this, there is a holiday sale, when all tees cost $10). If you leave in India, then the normal shipping costs $9 (This will deliver your tee in 1-3 weeks, if you need it in 5-10 business days, then it will cost you $13). So in total, $18 for tee and $9 for shipping comes to $27. And in INR, it’s around Rs 1300. Tell me what can you buy in Rs 1300 in India? One or two branded shirt or jeans or trousers or two or three tshirts (depending upon the brand and the sale, if any). Tell me what will you buy in Rs 1300 in the comment form below. Then I dropped the idea of buying a Threadless tee.

I stopped buying a Theadless tee, but I wanted to know how can I get these in a reasonable price in India. At that time I knew two or three of the services which was printing photos on tshirts. After some browsing I came to know some other services, with some tshirts available for sale, take your customized print order, have bulk order option etc. But not a single service did touch my heart yet. Not only the tshirt, they also print your designs on teddy, key chain, mouse pad etc. Still they don’t have the attraction which will make me to spend some money on them.

Then the business idea came to my mind. In India, you will definitely get more customers as compared to US. Yes, we have so much population, and due to this huge population we are loosing many things, then why should not we get some profit from it? If you will have a beautiful website with awesome designs and a reasonable price then you will definitely need to reprint to keep your stock to fulfill the demand of the public. To keep price low and the quality of the tshirt high, you need to be placed near to a place where you can get tshirts (raw material, you say) at a cheaper price and the shipping for raw material will be low. For example Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. You need to also invest some good amount of money on the designs. Remember, Threadless spends $1.5 millions per year on the designs. And of course, promotion and good customer support is a must.

I am unable to grab this business due to my location on the globe. That’s why I shared my idea here. You can grab the idea and build a great business, if you execute the idea well. I do believe that all Idea are stupid unless they are executed well. And a well executed simple idea will be considered as a great idea. So if you are executing my idea and need more help, please email me: feedback [at] I have many other tips on this idea, which will bring you success. I also can help you building a good website, something like Threadless, for your business.

I was thinking to write more, but to write about seven hundred words took me around 2 hours. One dayI will write about available tshirt online shops in India. I have some other business idea, which I am unable to execute. I will share those under this category:  Entrepreneur. If you want to share any one your idea, you are welcome. Also, let me know what do you think on this. Wish you a great new year, 2010.





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  1. debasish Avatar

    2600 gupchups for Rs 1300.

    Tshirt [& custom designs] printing business has got great potential. Its a pretty under developed market in India so far.

  2. Jay Avatar

    I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on a similar business idea… please email me.

  3. noname Avatar

    Your observation is right. But I am sorry to say that your thinking is immature. You looked the idea from very top view, while you don’t have much understanding of the detail or operation side of it. I have 4 t-shirts from threadless. Do you know all of them are Made in Pakistan and fabric quality is pathetic. What attracts me to buy those tees are only their designs.

    I would suggest you to first do ground research before just flying to think that you would have more customer in India because India’s population is higher than US LOL.

    I respect your excitement, however I would like to warn you that you are flying on baseless plane.

    Anyway Goodluck!

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I would like to say thanks to you for your comment and suggestion or warning.. whatever! But I don’t understand why you wanted to be anonymous.

  4. Chinmaya Avatar

    Try, you can get 4-5 tees with 1300 bux, level of designs comparable with can get at least 10-12 buy-worthy designs..

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Thanks for sharing the link. This is what I intended to say in the post. Finally, I came to know which can be compared to Indian version of Threadless. Most of the t-shirts are priced Rs 399 and shipping free all over India (which sound great). If you find a good design, then Rs 400 is not high priced.

      Few months back I ordered one t-shirt from Threadless and spend $24 (I had got a gift voucher of $25), but unfortunately some person or their relative in Indian Customs department is wearing it.

      1. Chinmaya Avatar

        Glad that you liked it and sorry for your Threadless experience. Since you shared your experience, I should share mine with inkfuit.

        Actually, I don’t wear t-shirts except at home.. But when I stumbled upon this site and saw this Jagannath tee, could not resist the temptation to buy it..

        This was on 20 Sep 2010 and by 20 Nov 2010, i have bought 12 t-shirts from them in 5 different orders…

        As you said Rs.400 is not high.. but there is much more to it..

        1. Discount of upto 50% with reward points, or 30% by vouchers.
        2. At least 3 new designs every week, even more if there is a contest.(added 5 of a design contest)
        3. Online payment through debit card. No need for credit card or Paypal.
        4. Also got a free tee by inviting 11 friends.

        T-shirt quality and printing quality can be better, but at Rs. 200 (@50% discount)…it can be easily called a LOOT in my opinion.

        And there is also another site

      2. Debiprasad Avatar

        Recently, I also came to know about another website They have better designs than and price is Rs 399. They offer some credit to get discount, but not like

        In few days, I am coming with reviews of these three websites. I have ordered few t-shirts from and Waiting for the delivery before I post. Be in touch.

  5. Rishabh Agrawal Avatar
    Rishabh Agrawal

    hi debiprasad..thnx for your information..i also want to get into this business…i like the idea alot…but i dunno where to start…and also how to get such designs by the designers…plz help mahn

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      This is an old post. Now there are few websites, who are selling awesome tshirts with awesome designs. Please see this page, you will have a better idea.

      Though there are few websites, you can still enter into the business. If you will provide better designs, better quality, better user experience, awesome support and can do good marketing, then you can get success in this business too.

  6. Hemant Panchabhai Avatar

    Well i had the same problem as yours ….
    I know about inkfruit…
    But designs on inkfruit does not have the royal feeling as of the threadless…..
    I am still waiting for the day when i will get the threadless tee…..

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Try They have some good designs and their tshirt quality is so nice.

  7. Hemant Panchabhai Avatar

    Thanks !
    This site is what i was looking for

  8. karthik Avatar

    sir , does threadless t shirts available in indian stores or showrooms??????

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      No, it’s not available in India. Try

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