Mutton Curry in My Style

When any girl came to know that I am a good cook, they always say: “The girl who will marry me is very lucky”. Unfortunately no one from those people ever wanted to marry me! Poor unlucky girls 😛

I know how to cook, I can cook most of the known dishes, but it’s always difficult for me to prepare Roti and Dosha. There are many ways to cook a particular dish. Some came with little change and name the new dish a new wired name. My preparation method might be different from others, so I added my style in the title. You must be thinking why Mutton Curry, and the reason is that most people might like this. Read further to know what’s my style of preparing mutton curry.

Before cooking you need:

  • Mutton 500 gram
  • Onion 200 gram
  • Garlic paste 50 gram
  • Ginger paste 25 gram
  • Oil 100 ml (I prefer to have mustard oil for better taste, but you can use any refined oil as you prefer)
  • Chill powder 2 small spoons (Use less or more as per your taste)
  • Turmeric powder 1 tea spoon
  • Green cardamom 5 gram
  • Cinnamon 5 gram
  • Salt according to your taste
  • Potatoes (optional, if you like to)
  • A spoon of chopped Coriander leaves or one small spoon Fenugreek Leaves (Kasoori methi)
  • 1.5 spoon of cumin

Clean mutton and keep aside. Chop onions. Make paste of ginger, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon and a spoon of cumin.If you want to use potatoes, then peel it. If the size of the potatoes are small, then make two pieces else for bigger ones make four pieces.

Now start cooking…

Take a pressure cooker and heat it on full flame. Put oil in the cooker wait until it heats up. Then put a pinch of cumin and after cumin cracks add chopped onions. Fry on high flame until it gets golden brown. Add salt according to your taste while frying onions. This makes onion to be fried quicker. Then slow down the flame and add chili powder. Mix it with the fried onion, then add ginger, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon and cumin paste. Add turmeric powder. Now raise the flame to high and fry the masala till you see it leaving oils or you have a good smell. Careful, don’t burn it, also see whether it’s not sticking to the base of the cooker. If you fry it continuously, then it’ll not stick. Add chopped Coriander leaves or Fenugreek Leaves, fry for one minute.

Now add mutton to it and fry it. Do it for 5 minutes then slow down the flame and cover the lid of cooker on it, but don’t close it. Leave for 5 minutes. If you want to add potatoes then add potatoes. Mix it with mutton and the masala. Now add water. If you want thick gravy then add less water else more.

Remember you have added salt before as per the amount of water. Also using potatoes need more salt than without potatoes. If you are not sure about the amount of salt, then add less salt. At this point after adding water you can mix it and taste the gravy. This may taste little less salty now, but after you complete preparation it’ll taste perfect. If you feel the amount of salt is very less, add little now.

mutton curry

Now close the lid of the cooker and raise the flame to high. Wait for the first whistle. When it blows slow the the flame to low and wait for two more whistles. If your water is hard, then wait for another whistle on low flame. Now put off the stove and wait for the cooker to be cooled down. When it’ll be cooled down, there will not be any pressure in the cooker. Now open and serve hot. You can enjoy this with Rice, any other delicious rice item like fried rice, pulao etc., or roti etc.

lunch - rice, dal, mutton curry, salad, papad

If you cook and the result comes good then I might not be there to taste it, but you can have a good comment here. You can also send me a photo or video to feedback [at] If if the result is bad or you didn’t like it, scold me on the comment form. If you have any tips or recipes to share with me comment or email me.

Note: You can also dry ground cinnamon and green cardamom to make powder, instead of using those in ginger garlic paste, and use these powder after you have fried mutton in other spices for better taste.






21 responses to “Mutton Curry in My Style”

  1. debasish Avatar

    Perfect! Yummm ….

  2. Ashok Avatar

    Hi ..
    This tastes great ….yummy………………

  3. gautom Avatar

    alright………. alright…………… I see dat u r as good a cook I am myself, n now wait n watch watch wat ppl has to abt this

  4. soumya Avatar

    hi debi this is soumya patnaik i need your help in preparing mutton as it is prepared in oria marriage parties. please send me the receipe to my id. – tell me for 1/2kg also tell me exact pieces of lahsun(kete kola) ,ada,piaza keteta dalcini , badielaichi ki chota elaichi. please don’t tell in grams thanking you.

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      The recipe I shared tastes better than the Odia marriage parties. I have specified less spices than the parties. You can use more spices to have like parties. But it depends upon the mutton. If the mutton is pure khasi, then it tastes better.

      For 1/2kg of mutton, you need 4-6 medium to large onions (piaja), 2 medium bunches of garlics (rashuna/lahsun), 1 two inch ginger (ada), 2 pieces of cinnamon (dalchini) and 5-6 green cardamom (chota elaichi).

      You can also dry ground cinnamon and green cardamom to make powder, instead of using those in ginger garlic paste, and use these powder after you have fried mutton in other spices for better taste.

      Subscribe to my blog for more recipes, I have many such dishes in the waiting list.
      Hope you enjoy your dish.

      1. soumya Avatar

        debi u didnot specify about gira(kete chamuch, choto ki bada),dalcini kete inch ra dui khanda nebi.white elaichi use kariheba ki nahi jadi heba tahale keteta nebi. one more thing what does dry ground cinnamon me i will surely prepare. one more thing i have see many oriya people using piaza bata. i want to know piaja bata bhoji mansh tarkari re use hua ki nahi.1994-95 re ju bahaghara hauthila sethire mutton kemiti tiari hauthila mu sei madhya janibaku chahein. at that time i was too small so if u know tell me for same 1/2kg actually mate sikhibaku bhala lage. one more thing tuma stylere tume to piaza bata dauna ta tike besi jhola hei pariba ki nahi. aau suppose mu kebe piaza bata debapain chahinbi deparibiki nahi.

  5. Debasish Avatar

    Yes Debi also send me exact recipe for 8kg mutton, as me & my friends are going to Chadrabhaga for picnic, and do you know how to make mutton “chakhana” for drinks with cheli munda, kalija etc?

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      How many friends are going to have 8kg mutton? How many of them are overweight, underweight and normal weight? How many of them are suffering from high blood pressure, low blood pressure, cholesterol problems etc?

      And for mutton “chakhana”, what are you going to drink? Beer, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Desi, Handia, Chauli, Aska 40, or simply water?

      I need all these info 😛

  6. soumya Avatar

    please answer me debi

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Jeera: Chhota chamach half
      Dalchini: 2 inch 2 pc
      White elaichi boli kichhi jinisha nahi, seitaku green elaichi kuhajae. Sethiru 5 ta.
      dry ground mane, bina pani re gunda kariba, pura sukhila powder karideba
      piaja bata dele gravy tike thick heba, taste almost similar rahiba. but pan re stick hebara chance tike besi, so tike besi careful hebaku padiba.

      During 94-95 I was in Upper Primary School, so don’t know much. But I believe the methods are not changed much. You try yourself and send me the photos ( Remember, without those photos, I am not going to help you more.

  7. Panda Babu Avatar
    Panda Babu

    DPS, yesterday only post-LUNCH we were DISHcussing to COOK up a charity program to FEED the poor, as MAKING non-profits is the most HOT ITEM right now.

    Would you like to STIR some good shit up by MIXING your TASTY ideas & DELICIOUS thoughts? If you join it will CUT us from some worries. I assure you will have all INGREDIENTS available to you to guide the program, you’ll be given 1 assistant to ORDER things your way.

    I don’t have to BUTTER you coz I know you have a big APPETITE for such new RECIPES of helping people. Just my 2 SCENTs.

    1. Sushant Avatar

      it’s amazing to find a friend who can COOK. I can’t help but think of that movie, “Ratatouille” and it’s famous tagline, “Anybody can COOK”. I have to assume to can cook some other veggie dishes as well and being a friend, you can fix me something sometime 🙂

      How ’bout a Bana Bhoji this weekend, eh?

      PS: do you know how to make mutton “chakhana” for drinks with cheli munda, kalija etc? {I like it}

      1. Panda Babu Avatar
        Panda Babu

        Yeah definitely an advantage right? Remember what I told ya about DPS’s underdog[so far] skills at Bag Bazaar that day? Bana bhoji yey!!

  8. Debiprasad Avatar

    Many veg dishes are in pipeline. I will publish them soon. For now, you can have a look at here: Foodie (Facebook album).

    Regarding “Bana Bhoji” kouthi kariba ete khara re? BTW, I feel comfortable to cook in a good kitchen.

    What’s the advantages you are talking about? Read first few lines of this post. And what were you talking about me at Big (or Bag?) Bazaar?

  9. soumya Avatar

    i want to post a pic how will i

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      You can sent those photos to “feedback @” (remove the spaces from the email id)

  10. Sara Avatar

    not so nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. sunil Avatar

    awesome mansa kasa dude

  12. Alex Thomas Avatar
    Alex Thomas

    I added some brinjals alongwith potatoes. I also replaced the Kasuri Methi with a liberal pinch of roasted fenugreek powder. The whole curry was delicious. Thank you, Debiprasad.

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Nice to know that you found the recipe and cooked it with a twist. I can’t imagine it with brinjals, but I should try it once. And Kasuri Methi is dried fenugreek leaves. I am not sure how roasted fenugreek power will taste in that curry. I should try it once.

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