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This post was posted on Mar 5, 2008 on my old personal blog at Today I feel to post them here too

Today Pratiksha made me remembering Hum Tum cartoons. As she was listening to Ladki Kyun song of movie Hum Tum, she told more about boys (Hum) and girls (Tum) and their … . See all the cartoons of Hum Tum …

The cartoons used in this movie Hum Tum is made by Kathaa Animations. All images used here are copyright of YRF films and on there server. I have hotlinked those here.

When I posted this (on my old blog), my intention was to give all the Hum Tum cartoons at one place. This film was released in 2004 and this is 2008. But Hum Tum cartoons has not lost its popularity. I am still able to get visitors to this blog for Hum Tum cartoons. Thanks to Yash Raj Films to make a great film and great cartoons and hosting them in their servers.

Enjoy and give your comments!

Image credit: Fickr – Jason PrattBoy and Girl Hummel Figurines





3 responses to “Hum Tum :: Cartoons”

  1. anis Avatar

    nice collections i like these too much
    and i m agreat fan of hum tum

  2. ritesh Avatar

    the hum & tum r the very cute & funny cartoons I have ever seen in my life. & literally I love these cartoons conversations between them.

  3. Nikhat Avatar

    i like hum tum cartoons veery much

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