Bande Utkala Janani

Orissa Televisions (OTV) prepared this beautiful video on the song “Bande Utkala Janani”.

Vande Utkala Janani by Various Artists

Author: Kanta Kabi Laxmikanta Mohapatra

Music: Bikas Das & Ratikant Satpathy

Artists: Trupti Das, Pranab Pattnaik, Prafulla Kar, Subas Das, Tansen Singh, Geeta Pattnaik, Ratikant Satpathy, Bikas Das and Tapu Mishra

Visual Director: Ranjan Satpathy

I found that many people want to download this video. Download here in High Quality.

You should download the lyric and the meaning in English here.






8 responses to “Bande Utkala Janani”

  1. Akash Mohapatra Avatar
    Akash Mohapatra

    This song is very close to my heart based on the originaltune. The best part of the video is the all old & new generation featured artist for whom we feel proud. But, I miss Late. Akshaya Mohanty, Mr. Sikander Alam, Mr. Sekhar Ghosh & few others who could have been the part of this video, but I want to see them in the next some endeavour of OTV or any other Channel.

  2. Chinmay Das Avatar
    Chinmay Das

    It’s a great achievement

  3. Pramit Mohapatra Avatar
    Pramit Mohapatra

    This is also a good site But I’ve tried to download Bande Utkal Janani but not success. Please tell me the Secrets to Download this.

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Downloading this video is simple and there is no secrete. Just click on the link above the video, which says “Download here in High Quality”. On that page, wait for few seconds, then you can see another link/button to start download. Click on that button and save the file to start download.

    2. Sagarika mohanty Avatar

      Please sent me desh bhakti songs if you have.

      1. Debiprasad Avatar

        Please be in touch with me and this blog. Keep visiting back. You can subscribe to the feeds and/or follow me on Twitter.

  4. Pramit Mohapatra Avatar

    Thank You & thanks to O tv for the dream video song Bande Utkal Janani. After download this it spread near about 50 of my friends PC and Mobile.
    The photos of Maa Durga of DASAHARA are wonderful collection. THANK U

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Thank you for spreading this video.

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