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Android Phones Available in India

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I am dividing all Android phones available in India to two categories, based on their price. The lower segment phones cost between Rs 10,500 and Rs 15,000, where the higher segment phones cost between Rs 22,000 and Rs 28,000.

Between Rs 10,500 and Rs 15,000:

Sony Ericsson X8

Price: Rs 13,950
Plus: Well built, decent performer
Minus: Mediocre display
A decent phone with a decent feature set, the XPERIA X8 has a very mediocre display and Android also faces issues with lag, owing to slower hardware. Overall performance is good.

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Online Saree Destinations in India

I answered to the question “Where to buy silk sarees online?” at recently. I thought it’ll be good to share the answer here too.

RmKV is a very old and popular store for silk sarees in Chennai. There are few other good silk saree stores in Chennai like Nalli, Kumaran Silks, The Chennai Silks, Pothys etc. They all have very good collection on silk sarees and other sarees.

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Buying tips on

Few days ago, I launched Where to buy online in India?. “Where to buy online in India?” is a community driven Q&A website, where you can get answers to your queries related to online shopping in India. As it’s just started, there are just few questions and answers. Many people are visiting this website, some of them are also appreciating the concept, but only few of my friends and acquaintances are posting questions and answers. I am waiting to answer many questions, but I am not interested to ask those questions myself. I am waiting for people to ask those questions and I will answer them. If this is not going to happen soon, I will ask all those questions.

I am writing a wiki page on that website on Buying tips on All the tips are based on my personal experience on I am posting those tips here too.

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Do you dare to shop online?

Do you dare to shop online? Do you have a good or bad experience of online shopping? I notices most people around me are not aware of stuffs available on the online shops. Some of them knows about it, but does not dare to shop online. Here I am going to share my online shopping story. Hope this will guide you to have a good online shopping experience.


Rocking Tees in India

It’s around a year back, for the first time when I visited Threadless – a great tees website (or you can call it as online shop). One day I came to know about Twitter Tees (If you wonder what’s Twitter Tees, then I must say “It’s a project by Threadless where they print tweets highly voted by the community and sell for $18”). There are thousands apps are built on Twitter, and Twitter Tees is also one from the good ones. So, from here I came to know about this. I impressed by the great design of the website, the quality of the designs they print on the tshirts (which seems to be a good quality tshirt from the photo) and they way the show their tees – a guy or girl wearing the tee and a great photo!