Online Saree Destinations in India

I answered to the question “Where to buy silk sarees online?” at recently. I thought it’ll be good to share the answer here too.

RmKV is a very old and popular store for silk sarees in Chennai. There are few other good silk saree stores in Chennai like Nalli, Kumaran Silks, The Chennai Silks, Pothys etc. They all have very good collection on silk sarees and other sarees.

When come to shopping online on that stores, RmKV, Nalli, The Chennai Silks and Pothys have online stores, whereas online store of Kumaran Silks is under construction since years. RmKV and The Chennai Silks also have chudiar and dress materials for women, apparels for men and kids, whereas Nalli online store has only collection of sarees. Pothys online store have Churidar materials, Kutty Sarees (Sarees for kids) and Dhoties, apart from different verity of sarees. RmKV do not have only silk sarees there, they have Traditional Silks, Embroidered Silks, 9-yard Silks, Theme Silks, Embroidered Fancy, Printed Silks, Mysore Silks, Arangaetram Collection, Natural Silks, Casual Sarees, Tasar, Georgette, Raw Silk, Cot-Silk etc. Similarly The Chennai Silks have different collections other than silk sarees. Whereas Nalli online store have Bridal collection, New collections, Casual collections and Nalli Next collections. Pothys store have these variety of sarees: Samudrika Pattu, Parampara Pattu, Vastrakala Pattu, Leganga Sarees, Simmer Sarees, Embroidery Sarees, Kancheepuram Silks, Bridal Collections, Partywear Sarees, Printed Silks, Handloom Silks, Crepe Silks, Designer Sarees, Casual Wear, Micro Silk, London Georgette, Exclusive Collections.

RmKV Embroidered Fancy Saree

I have a good shopping experience at RmKV. They have a large collection online than their competitors. They have delivered my order in just 66 hours (3 days).

In this post, I have only discussed about few online saree stores from Chennai. They are well known for their silk sarees, however they have good collection of other sarees. I will update about other sellers, when I will find them. If you know about any online saree stores, then let me know. Also, if you have any practical experience with any online saree stores, then let me know.





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  1. Soumendra Jena Avatar

    Oh good man..
    My sister was looking for that.

  2. Sarees Avatar

    I know about RmKV, Naali but hearing first time about The Chennai Silks and Pothys . I will sure visit these site to know more…

  3. RahulG Avatar

    OMG! I didn’t knew even Saree is available in Online shopping 😐

  4. Cheap Salwar Kameez Avatar

    Can any one know where to buy cheap salwar kameez online ?

  5. ARRS Silks Avatar

    Shop Exclusive Bridal wear, Kanchipuram silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees online –

  6. ARRS Silks Avatar

    Great designer sarees collections, we also have cool, stylish, fashionable party wear sarees, bridal sarees, wedding sarees, embroidery sarees and huge collections designer salwar kameez wears for womens, so be stylish and walk with modern outfits, specially for you.

  7. sacredweaves Avatar

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  8. banarasi silk saree Avatar

    Khinkhwab brings you latest Handloom Banarasi Silk Sarees, Lehengas, Stoles & Dupattas, handwoven by finest weavers of the eternal city Banaras. Order now!

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