Tag: Online Shopping

  • Letsbuy.com merged with Flipkart.com and ditched convenience of its customers

    I needed a digital invoice of a product I ordered from Letsbuy.com. So, I opened the website and found that a notice which says that in order to further improve our (whoever) shopping experience, they have integrated their operations with the largest player in the category – Flipkart.com. This is good. But where can I […]

  • Online Saree Destinations in India

    I answered to the question “Where to buy silk sarees online?” at WhereToBuyOnline.in recently. I thought it’ll be good to share the answer here too. RmKV is a very old and popular store for silk sarees in Chennai. There are few other good silk saree stores in Chennai like Nalli, Kumaran Silks, The Chennai Silks, […]

  • Where to buy online in India?

    Some people love to spend time on shopping. They visit big malls, great stores or the market in the neighborhood and do what they love. I too love shopping. But instead of shopping in the traditional way, I spend my time on visiting many online shops. I buy more products online than I buy from […]

  • Do you dare to shop online?

    Do you dare to shop online? Do you have a good or bad experience of online shopping? I notices most people around me are not aware of stuffs available on the online shops. Some of them knows about it, but does not dare to shop online. Here I am going to share my online shopping […]