Do you need a Google Wave Invitation?

I have 15 Google Wave Invitations left out of 20. I want to invite some people, not randomly or whoever asks me. So please post a comment on this post and I will select some people from you to invite to have a preview of Google Wave.

I found many people are turning these invitations to money making machine. So people are using this as social money, which perhaps is good. If someone wants to share these invitations to her/his followers then nothing wrong with that. This is similar, even better than to share with your friend. But some people are doing some disgusting stuff. Some people have created websites with many ad banners and asks you to forward some number of people to their website from a unique short link. And they say you will get your invitations like that. I am not sure whether those people accept this trick seriously and post that link on twitter thinking that their followers might click on that link and they might get an invite, getting a invite or not!

There are few people who create too many email ids and send invitations to their own other email ids, so they can multiply the invitations they have and make money from that. The math is simple, if you have an Google wave account, then you will get 20 invitations (I got 8 initially and other 12 today morning). So if you share these with your other email ids, then you will get 400 invitations. You can make these 400 to 160,000 – but this process may take some more days, in by that time Google Wave may open to all. So these people start their bad business with these 400 invitations. Learned little late, not everyone can share invites, only those who got invitations from Google itself can share them.

I found some people asking for invitations on twitter with some brand new twitter account. And the only purpose of the account is to ask other people for Google Wave invites.

I am interested to share these invitations with those people who look like deserving on my eyes. So with the comment say something about you, add a link to your blog, portfolio, website, twitter,, facebook, friendsfeed, digg or any other link you like to. So that I can know and understand you better to share a Google Wave invite with you. It may take some time (even more than a day) for your to receive the invitation. As the people at Google say,

Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick.

You don’t need to be a Geek or technocrat to be selected by me, I have shared these invitations with journalism student, film editor and media director, computer science student and IT professionals. And the next is you!

If you like, you can follow me at twitter. And don’t miss the comic below – The Brads – Social Currency by Brad Colbow

No more invitations left for now. I will let you know if I am getting more again. Thank you all for the requests.

Got some more Google invitations to share. If you need one, please request a demo public preview here. After using this for an hour or more, if you feel like using it for more time with your own account then comment on that post explaining how do you feel about Google wave, how is your experience with the demo public preview, why do want to use Google wave. Also don’t forget to tell about you and put some link to your social media.

Everyone got 8 invitations today. The demo account I created for public use also got 8. So I disabled that for public use. So all old rule for this post is valid to get one. Better ask any of your friend who is already on Google Wave for one. Hope you will get that easily in that way.

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100 responses to “Do you need a Google Wave Invitation?”

  1. James Avatar

    I really like your philosophy on the google wave invites! I provided a link to my twitter so you can see a little bit of what I am about. Your quote, ‘I’m essentially a software developer by profession, an entrepreneur by ambition, and a computer scientist by osmosis.’ , is very fitting for me as well. Nice wording! (and thanks for the invitation opportunity!)

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I have sent a Google Wave invitation to you. It will be in your inbox few days later, as there is a heavy queue to process these requests.

  2. Isaac Avatar

    Please send me a Google Wave invite,,thank you so much

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I am sorry, you are not qualified for this invitation from me. I guess you have not read this post completely. Anyways thanks for the request.

  3. mikel Avatar

    hello. my blog is just for my personal fun. sharing things i find on the net.

    i am engineer so i have nothing to do with online business. with a google wave invitation i would only like to find a new way of communicating with friends.

    good day

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I have sent a Google Wave invitation to you. It will be in your inbox few days later, as there is a heavy queue to process these requests.

  4. Jonni Avatar


    I do IT development for finnish libraries. Intrested in trying out Google Wave for library purpouses and also for my personal communicating – there’s a lot of that.

    If you could send me a invite, that would really make my day.

    Have a nice day you too!

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Please send me a link where I can learn about you, something like twitter, facebook etc.

  5. Heathyre Avatar

    I can see how people are turning GoogleWave into a money making machine, I can admire their ingenuity however it makes me a bit mad at the same time. Especially when I saw the invites going up on ebay for several hundred dollars. I can’t believe that something that will be free soon enough is such a hot item that people will pay so much money for it. I have been asking for invites on Twitter as I see them (thats how I found your blog actually) but I don’t expect anything to come of it. I do get a giggle out of reading the reactions when people who after begging DON’T get a code…they get so angry its comical.

    About Me. I’m a Realtor in SW Florida. I’m also an aspiring musician, and artist, a website designer, a blogger, a poet…(to quote Seinfield) yadda yadda yah.


    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I have sent a Google Wave invitation to you. It will be in your inbox few days later, as there is a heavy queue to process these requests.

  6. Nathariel Avatar

    I am following the development of google wave for months. I am really interested in this project, because I am looking on it as a big improvement in the collaboration field. It has fill the gap between wikis and version control systems and I really want to try it out.
    Something about me – I am Linux System Administrator & Network administrator and programmer from Bulgaria. I try don’t to get too deep in just one IT frame and prefer to be more like “Jack of all” 🙂
    More info about me you can find in my blog. From there you can visit my facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn profile.

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I have sent a Google Wave invitation to you. It will be in your inbox few days later, as there is a heavy queue to process these requests.

  7. nathan Avatar

    I am a an engineer, current getting a masters in engineering management and nanotechnology, but I like working on websites and and art too. I have a lot of interest in google wave as I do a lot of collaborative work, and it looks amazing for that. you can get my email here and I can send you links to facebook if you respond to me by email. Thanks so much. 🙂

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      You can post those links here

      1. Debiprasad Avatar

        Sorry, this is not public.

      2. nathan Avatar

        you can also find me @natediz but I am no very active on twitter

      3. Debiprasad Avatar

        I have few invitations left, so I will decide with whom should I share tomorrow evening. You may get one, but I can’t promise. Sorry for this. Thanks for your request.

  8. Ed Avatar

    I work for an IT and e-discovery company, and I’m very interested to see what Wave might be able to do for my users/clients. (the company i work for)

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I have sent a Google Wave invitation to you. It will be in your inbox few days later, as there is a heavy queue to process these requests.

  9. Michael Avatar


    I coordinate IT stuff for this very small college. we do not have bricks and mortar yet so our efforts are necessarily distributed. I would like to use Google Wave as a distributed development environment. One of our constraints is band width limits at our end points.


    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I have sent a Google Wave invitation to you. It will be in your inbox few days later, as there is a heavy queue to process these requests.

  10. Roderic Molina Avatar

    I understand and respect your approach in relation to sending wave invitations.
    I’ve been asking invites in some forums, blogs and twitter all this week. I definitely do not like begging anybody for anything so trivial and I must say that I almost lost interest in this tool so this is my last request.
    I remember when I received my gmail invite account. This time is the same, I just want to use it to improve my personal communication. In fact, I seriously doubt that wave will really change our way to communicate, but for that very reason I am very curious to try it.
    I would very much appreciate if you can send me and invite.


    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I have sent a Google Wave invitation to you. It will be in your inbox few days later, as there is a heavy queue to process these requests.

  11. Lawrence Avatar

    Hello: It is awesome that you are willing to hand out invitations like this!

    I am a recent law school graduate and I am starting at a major law firm in Silicon Valley handling matters such as venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and financing. I am very interested in a Google Wave invite because my field is focused primarily on technology firms, and I’d like to be up to date on new developments.

    Thanks so much if you decide to give me an invitation!

  12. Brady Swenson Avatar


    This is a good way to decide how to share invites. I’m a web developer who is currently working for a project of the UN Foundation called – a daily publication focusing on reproductive health and justice issues. I built the site using Drupal. I also run – a fair trade retail business – with my wife out of our home. You can read about us here:

    Anyway, I’d love to get a look at google wave as I would like to incorporate it into an intranet project I have coming up.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  13. Zlatko Avatar

    I want to wave with my mistress which is far away :)) -it’s true!
    Could you, please, send me an invitation if you still have one.

  14. Thomas Avatar

    My wife and I live on an old wooded schooner in Florida waters. Nancy is an aspiring children’s author from Canada. This tool will allow her to use our only laptop with the best results. Our vessel is surrounded by waves, but we truly need the new one!

  15. lundy Avatar

    I’m really interested in using wave. The website is one I made for the bell choir I play with. I’m hope that wave makes certain organizational things easier for those types of things.

    It’s a real drag when you spend hours scheduling rehearsals! :p


  16. herv Avatar

    hello there!
    I’m a student majoring in IT who is interested in web applications. I think google wave is very interesting and I can not wait to try it. I hope I am deserved of an invitation from you. thanks!

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  18. jkwan Avatar

    I’m a student at the University of Reunion Island in Computer Science. I’m essentially a Web Developper and designer. I would like to have a account at Google Wave and if I can, to share invitation to my friends and teammates. It will be very helpfull for teleworking.

    PS: Sorry for my bad English, I usually talk in French.

  19. maryus Avatar

    hey, i’m an it student, i really need this invitation, so could you please share me one. Thnaks a lot

  20. Arash Ershad Avatar
    Arash Ershad

    could you please send me google wave invitation?!

  21. cihan Avatar

    there is no need for comment i think.. i u want u send. thx..

  22. Karan Rajpal Avatar
    Karan Rajpal

    can i plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hav an invite???????? i will be very grateful….

  23. syphern Avatar

    Hi, Im a final year medical student, sorry I dont really have a website to show you I have never made one. I would be really appreciative if you can send me an invite… Thanks 🙂

    ugm5mna (at) googlemail. com

  24. Jeroen Avatar

    Hi Debiprasad,

    Thanks for giving me this chance to receive an invitation.

    I’m a webdeveloper who is using al lot of Google services. Using analytics, maps, webmaster, blogspot, adsense, adwors and a few others.

    Google Wave will be the next challenge. I’m really eager to learn about it. I have watched the 1 1/2 hour presentation and read a lot other articles about it.

    Hope to receive an invitation from you.

    Best regards,

  25. anodboy Avatar

    hi, plz send me an invitation, thnx

  26. Adam Beck Avatar
    Adam Beck

    I’m a first year teacher who is trying to bring technology back into schools. Every school I observed in was completely disconnected from technology refused to use it to connect to the students. I have just introduced my cohorts to Google Docs to help teachers collaborate live with students on projects and papers. I think Wave would be another great step to integrate more technology in the classroom. Thanks

    adambeck7 at

  27. mohamedhussain Avatar

    Nice idea debi. Am also looking for a wave invitation. Hope i will get one

  28. James Bullock Avatar

    I am old tech savvy guy who likes to be keep onto new technologies and keep myself young(er) by doing so. Anyways, I also share your thoughts on people who try make money on this by using cheap and simple tricks. As for your own motto… way to go… if you keep it up, you will succeed no matter what. Cheers

  29. Abhishek Avatar

    can you send me one too please?

  30. Mirko Avatar

    Hi, if you still have some invites I’d be happy to get one 🙂

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Loved to share one with you. I read one post on your design blog today by chance and liked it. Now, I saw a request from you here.

  31. James Avatar

    I would love an invite. I am a web developer and I am soo excited about Google’s Wave! This is the most exciting web announcement since HTML5.


    Please, please! =)

  32. Shashank Avatar

    Hi Debiprasad

    I am working as a Tech Lead for Srijan Technologies Pvt Ltd.For almost 2 yrs.i hav been working on PHP CMS called Drupal.I find Wave to be an interesting and novel concept and would definitely like to try it out.I am a friend of Deba and heard from him that you have some invitations to spare.Here’s my twitter profile:

  33. Zeev Halevi Avatar


    I will be very happy to get one.
    We are planing on adjusting to integrate with Wave.


  34. Agyeya Avatar

    Hey , I am a developer in Vision labs. I needed a wave invitation immediately , cause I have company projects somewhat related to google wave. Hope I will not miss the wave !!!


    Agyeya Pandey

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I am sorry to say, but that should be headache of your company. I have few invites left, so you have a less chance to get it.

  35. Radek Avatar

    Debiprasad, I live in Poland and I am working with Internet, which is my biggest hobby at the same time. You will find my professional profile on LinkedIn:
    G.Wave would give me the opportunity to communicate with my friends and maybe partners in my spare-time-projects.

  36. Steven Avatar


    I am very interested in the idea of google wave and have put some research into it. please visit my blog to see more about me. I would like to use google wave to get involved in some waves that I am aware of, that people are using as a group training sessions. There are also some that I have heard of where people are making waves to help eachother out with technical faults with products. This is also good to network with people as well as learn and help somebody out.

    I think the product looks really good and there is so much that can be done with it. Please consider me for an invite. 🙂

    Thanks Steve

  37. Onir Avatar

    Hi, have you some invitation? I am new in Twitter, i added you to following you 😀

    I read you from Spain ¡¡

  38. Prashant Avatar


    please send me one invitation as well. I tried all over without success.


  39. wanted Avatar

    I need invitation Google Wave to, please..

  40. John McGrane Avatar

    Currently I am a web producer in the financial industry and have been looking to expand into other industries. My work requires strategy, project building and real-time communications. I also do several side projects and I am sick of having so many inboxes for so many different projects! I would like to be able to sync my project all together in one place. I would appreciate a Google Wave invite; it would make my life ridiculously easier. Thank you!


  41. Christopher Wu Avatar

    Hi, I’m Christopher Wu and I chat daily with a bunch of friends mostly car guys while we’re spending the time at work stuck behind desks. We’re all IT professionals around the country, and our daily talks are a mix of text / URLs / copypasting images / and sending videos… all of which would be greatly enhanced by use of a Wave. Thank you for offering your invites to people who are human, and please consider my request for one if you have any left. Thanks!

  42. ViNZY Avatar

    >> if u have account of google wave can u plz invite me :

  43. […] DebiPrasad has some wave invites to share with you as well. […]

  44. Onix Avatar

    could you please send me a google wave invitation, too ? 😀


  45. Christopher Wu Avatar

    Hi, I’m Christopher Wu and I chat daily with a bunch of friends mostly car guys while we’re spending the time at work stuck behind desks. We’re all IT professionals around the country, and our daily talks are a mix of text / URLs / copypasting images / and sending videos… all of which would be greatly enhanced by use of a Wave. Thank you for offering your invites to people who are human, and please consider my request for one if you have any left. Thanks!

    1. Christopher Wu Avatar

      grrr, I thought my initial comment didn’t post but it did. sorry for the repeat.

  46. salmokar Avatar

    please give me a google wave gift Thanks 🙂 salmokarjames at gmail

  47. Mike Avatar

    I would love to test this for our IT staff. I’m curious if this has any tools for helping us on our upcoming large projects.

    If I get invites as soon as I sign up, it could be really useful. If I’ll just be by myself and have no invites to share with our other techs, then not so much.

  48. Om Mohapatra Avatar


    I am sangram’s ctc kv class mate and i came to know of you from him. Do u have Gwave request left.. can you arrange one for me pls..

    Om Mohapatra

  49. Simanto Roy Avatar
    Simanto Roy

    Hi Debi… I liked the approach of yours to share the invitations and also the way you have corrected yourself in the post of increasing the invitations… I loved the concept of wave and as they say “How email would if it was invented in this era” I wanted to experience wave…I don’t know whether you are currently having any invitations left or not…But if you have can you send me an invitation…or may also ask somebody you know who can send me an invitation….thanks in advance…

  50. kaoticsp Avatar

    I am not looking to make money off of Google Wave. I am a software developer and am always trying to keep up with the latest technologies. And Google seems to always be at the top of my list with all of their new additions. I would really like to use Google Wave just to get a head start on what I feel will become a standard way of communicating.

  51. Jase Avatar

    Will you please sent me a google wave invitation.

  52. Jase Avatar

    oh forgot to post about myself.
    I don’t have any of those twitter like accounts. Only that i have is an orkut account.
    You can have my complete profile details there.
    I’m a genuine citizen and not for any money kinda thing.

  53. sam Avatar

    please invite me, I can’t wait..

    samuel.poloha( at )

  54. AneelMehta Avatar

    Hello mate,
    I am software developer, i need google waves invitation to attend an online training on Jruby ,
    could you please send me one so that i can attend the session.

    Thank you

  55. Srivatsan Avatar

    hi this is srivatsan from chennai…i have completed my graduation and about to start my career in IT in infosys…..can u pls send me the link so that i can learn and try communicating in a different way using google wave…..hope ill get my link….

    here is my orkut identification

  56. Lorenzo Avatar

    I like the way you approach Google Wave Invitations.
    I’ve asked many times for invites through the standard Wave form but no reply.
    I would like to improve my personal communication and I’m very curious to try it (like any new real time collaboration product).
    Google products are simply amazing, light and very useful in my opinion.
    Could you send me an invite please ?
    Many Thanks.

  57. windowsmss Avatar

    hey friend eager to use Google Wave, if u have invitation means please help me out to work Google wave 🙂

    thanks in advance folks

  58. laxman Avatar

    i am an engineering student in computer science discipline. i was so excited when i watched the loong video from wave web site. i have introduced the wave technology to my friends through a seminar at our college. So i wud like to use google wave to communicate with my friends in a better way.

    here is my facebook link……..

    my email id is :

    Plz send me the invitation

    thank you,


    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      It’s good to know that you had a seminar on this topic.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any invitations left now. So I can’t share with you. But I would prefer you to send in the next phase, if I will get some more invitations to share. For that you need to submit the papers of your seminar. You can upload to the web and post the link here or send an email to feedback [at]

  59. leon Avatar

    hey Debiprasad
    ive seen the launch video and im in awe of this tool….pls do me a huge favor and send me an invite…i cant wait to use it…thanks a ton

    u can send the invite to…thanks a ton

  60. pajmeri Avatar


    pls send me googlewave link

  61. Chester Avatar

    hi, i’m can you give me one invitation please? need to try it in work with freinds.
    thanks !!!

  62. Avatar

    I would like a google wave invitation.

  63. Bharath Avatar

    Can you please some one send me Google Wave account invitation…

    Thanks for helping….

  64. elnino545 Avatar

    I’m studying law and economics at the University of Salzburg (Austria).
    GWave would be very interesting for me and my fellow students, since there is a lot of teamwork to do for the seminaries. Also it would be interesting for exam preparations.

    Greetings from the city of Mozart

  65. Zava Avatar

    Hi guys, i would be pleased to receive a Wave invitation! Thanks a lot!

  66. haaapshuuu Avatar

    can you please send an invitation for google wave to

  67. custom wedding invitations Avatar

    Hello. This is kind of an “unconventional” question , but have other visitors asked you how get the menu bar to look like you’ve got it? I also have a blog and am really looking to alter around the theme, however am scared to death to mess with it for fear of the search engines punishing me. I am very new to all of this …so i am just not positive exactly how to try to to it all yet. I’ll just keep working on it one day at a time Thanks for any help you can offer here

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      This is not the place to ask for such questions. I don’t know whether it’s a spam comment or a question thread. You could have used contact form.

      Anyways, changing your theme will not affect your search engine ranking/positions.

  68. Pradeep Shetty Avatar
    Pradeep Shetty

    It was nice reading this.. Love u boss…:)

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      Pradeep, I don’t think anything nice in this post. I guess you might have loved to read others. Anyways, thank you 🙂

  69. Pradeep Shetty Avatar
    Pradeep Shetty

    Well, I am not seein my previous comment boss…!!! Guess u didn’t like it…!!! Its k buddy…!!! Do send me an invitation…!!! Of-course, if u wish…!!!

  70. Pradeep Shetty Avatar
    Pradeep Shetty

    Tryin to outsmart ppl to get an invitation…!!! Its nt workin.. I am seein both my comments above…!!! Elders ‘ve told to try n try till u succeed..!! Followin their words…!!!


    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      I will send you one. BTW, now a days no one care for Google Wave. It’s somewhat dead.

  71. Pradeep Shetty Avatar
    Pradeep Shetty


  72. Ravi Avatar

    Hi Debi,

    Could you send one invite to me..

    Thanks in advance.

  73. Ravi Avatar

    Thanks a Loooooooottt…..

  74. Arabella P Avatar
    Arabella P

    WHy do you need an invite in the first place? I got one, but I don’t know why one is required?

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      You need it to access Google Wave. Google Wave is now invitation only service.

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