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  • World Map of Social Networks

    The world map of December shows the relentless march of Facebook , close to reaching 600 million “residents.” At the moment appears to be the social network of choice for 115 countries on 132 analyzed .

  • Online Saree Destinations in India

    I answered to the question “Where to buy silk sarees online?” at recently. I thought it’ll be good to share the answer here too. RmKV is a very old and popular store for silk sarees in Chennai. There are few other good silk saree stores in Chennai like Nalli, Kumaran Silks, The Chennai Silks, […]

  • Buying tips on

    Few days ago, I launched Where to buy online in India?. “Where to buy online in India?” is a community driven Q&A website, where you can get answers to your queries related to online shopping in India. As it’s just started, there are just few questions and answers. Many people are visiting this website, some […]

  • Where to buy online in India?

    Some people love to spend time on shopping. They visit big malls, great stores or the market in the neighborhood and do what they love. I too love shopping. But instead of shopping in the traditional way, I spend my time on visiting many online shops. I buy more products online than I buy from […]

  • reCaptcha Fail Whale Gravatar

    reCaptcha Fail Whale Gravatar

    This is the season of seminars and projects in Engineering colleges in Odisha (For 7th semester students). When I was in my 7th semester, most students were coping ready made seminars from other students or seniors. Some people search on internet for a ready made seminars. A very few students were doing research on their […]