Kataka ra Dashahara – 2010

Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu Maatru rupena samsthita I

Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu Shakti rupena samsthita I

Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu Buddhi rupena samsthita I

Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu Laxmi rupena samsthita I

Namestasyai II Namestasyai II Namestasyai II Namo Namah II

Kataka ra Dashahara (in Oriya) – Dusshera in Cuttack – Year 2010

Last year I posted few photos of Durga Puja in Cuttack. This year here was a deep depression with rain. And I was having a bad cold. It was mostly unlikely for me to roam around and click few photos. But luckily, when I wake up last morning, I found it’s sunny. However I was not fully recovered from cold, I took the opportunity to roam around and take few photos. My sister joined me and I started the celebration on the scooter ride.

Better quality images can be found on my Fickr Account. I am thinking over a best way to share original quality images.





7 responses to “Kataka ra Dashahara – 2010”

  1. Rahul Sarangi Avatar

    SSolid pictures, dewd.. i was looking for these pics…nice work with lens…keep it up

  2. Pradeep Avatar

    Great photography and thanks for bringing this to world stage. Regards
    Washington, USA

  3. suryakanta patra Avatar
    suryakanta patra

    i have more photo of cuttack dusara ,its true n i live in college square,mob-9668534291

    1. Debiprasad Avatar

      If you want me to post those here, you can send them to feedback [at] debiprasad.net

  4. samarendra nayak Avatar
    samarendra nayak

    very nice picture,maa durga puja medha in our ctc.

  5. Pradeep Avatar

    Hi Debiprasad,
    It is great to see Cuttack Dussera and its cultural icon thru your lens.
    Wonderful pictures. Would you be able share/send me as attachment to my personal id. I plan to put selectively in website (www.CulturalRiver.com) and credit your name too to share with all of my friends in western world.

    Also do you have pictures of Cuttack Kali Puja images. If you could share would be great.


    Washington, USA

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