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How WikiPedia and Google can fight against vandalism?

I wanted to find some information about Marissa Mayer and what could be better option than searching on Google? But I got amazed when the saw something unbelievable in Google Knowledge Graph. It says “Marissa Ann Mayer is the current president and CEO of KD Interactive since August 2014.”. She recently completed 2 years as CEO of Yahoo! Inc.. When did she move to KD Interactive? WTF is KD Interactive?

Screenshot of Google Knowledge Graph displaying Marissa Mayer

WikiPedia is perhaps the quickest source of knowledge. Anyone, even your neighbour’s dog or a monkey in the jungle can edit WikiPedia. So, someone had vandalised the information on the WikiPedia page about Marissa Mayer. And Google was too quick to index WikiPedia and update its Knowledge Graph.

As anyone can edit WikiPedia, I undid those couple of vandalisms. But this incident raises some questions. Open Source software can be contributed by anyone. But the community takes care so that no one can harm the software. Similarly, the community of WikiPedia should be stronger to act again vandalism. And Google should get some intelligence, instead of blindly copying content for knowledge. Knowledge can’t be gained by just copying something. You need to understand it.

I Love My India

It’s their mistake

Recently Delhi is suffering due to major power crisis. It’s duty of the Delhi Govt. to restore the situation. Well, where is Delhi Govt.? There is no Govt. at Delhi. There is president rule in Delhi. So, it’s the duty of Central Govt. of India to solve all the issues in Delhi. But instead of doing their duty, they started blaming other. They blamed Congress who were in power for last 15 years and AAP who were in power for just 49 days for current situation. This situation created after a storm. Instead of doing their duty, how can they blame Congress and AAP for this? It’s understandable that Congress might be responsible for a bad infrastructure for electricity distribution in Delhi. But what AAP could have done in just 49 days to improve it?

I Love My India

What AAP’s Bismaya Mahapatra should learn or change

Personally I don’t 100% agree with what people Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) say or do. But I support and advocate most of their vision and action, as they are the best alternative to any other traditional political party. If someone asks them about their ideology, most of the leaders of AAP, including Kumar Biswas (who speaks well and a lot), go blank. If you ask them about what are their vision regarding foreign policy or economic policy etc., either they ignore or divert the question by answering about corruption, Jan Lokpal Bill and Swaraj Bill. However, party’s leader Arvind Kejriwal smartly answers that Swaraj is the party’s ideology and if we will solve the issue of corruption, everything will be alright. Unfortunately, the people who asks about ideology, foreign policies or economic policies etc. to AAP, never ask those questions to other parties and their leaders, at least in my knowledge. I don’t think a common citizen of India understands what the economic/foreign policy of Congress or BJP/Modi.

Sports and Games

Irony of Indian Cricket Fans

Sachin Tendulkar is a great cricketer. And he will continue his legendary. He is god of cricket. After his retirement everyone will miss him. But what’s going on since past few days is ridiculous.

Some people are saying that Sachin is not retiring from cricket, cricket is getting retired from Sachin. What kind of bullshit is this? I have seen use of this kind of sentence for funny lines. And you are saying this seriously with tears in your eyes?

Some people are saying this there is no cricket without Sachin. Probably they will stop watching cricket after this. Sachin has retired from T20Is and ODIs, since a long time. You stopped watching those formats of the game? I bet no one is going to stop watching cricket after this match.

Random Stuff

Hidden text in a spam email

I often find few spam emails in my inbox. It’s kind of normal, when I get a promotional email or newsletter, which I have not subscribed to. But I even get famous spams like easy money opportunity, great job offer etc. Ideally, these emails should go to spam, but since last few years Gmails spam filter is not working well. It’s even not learning well when I mark emails as spam. But recently I got an email with a lot of white area below the text of the email. When checked properly, I found that there are some text in white colour so that it will not be visible. And I guess this text is used to defeat spam filters. Here is the copy of that text: