Why should we still celebrate Diwali?

In Odisha, there are two reasons why people celebrate Diwali, except the entertainment purpose. One is for the tradition and another is an environmental reason. As per the Diwali traditions, I had seen in my childhood, we used to burn jute sticks after doing a Puja for the ancestors of the family, cooking different types of traditional cakes and sweets, using these cakes and sweets in Puja along with pieces of sugarcane and other fruits and after doing the puja, everyone eating those together. I don’t remember whether we used to draw rangolies in our home during Diwali. But we used to draw jhotis (a simpler Odia version of rangolies) on a small circular region prepared with some special red coloured soil on the street in front of the house, where we burn those jute sticks. We also used to draw jhotis in one room, where we do puja with those food; we put those food items over it. We used to light earthen lamps with oil and cotton burner. Even we used light candles, though lighting candles were not in the tradition. I don’t know when these candles took the place of earthen lamps, but it must be more than 25 years. And we used to play with some fireworks.

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Now hate online forums and love Stack Exchange

There was a time, when I was in my engineering degree college, I was in love with spending time on online forums, mostly on ThinkDigit Forum. I also met Debasish at the ThinkDigit Forum and later became good friends in the non-virtual world. But these days, I just hate, when I land on any online forum (Bulletin Board) while searching for something on Google. These bulletin boards are full of discussions, some might be good and some might be useless. You don’t have time to read all those to find the solution. And you hardly find any solution there.

And in the recent times, I find StackExchange very useful. Whenever I land there while searching anything on Google, I easily find the solution. And it’s also very easy to identify the solution. And when you read the discussions, which are separated from the solutions (answers), you get more knowledge.

Letsbuy.com merged with Flipkart.com and ditched convenience of its customers

I needed a digital invoice of a product I ordered from Letsbuy.com. So, I opened the website and found that a notice which says that in order to further improve our (whoever) shopping experience, they have integrated their operations with the largest player in the category – Flipkart.com. This is good. But where can I access my order history?

They wrote it there:

For our existing customers, your order history and status remains secure with us. You can get all details about your existing orders by dialing : 0124 4901234 (from 8 AM to 9 PM )

How inconvenience is this? They should have merged the accounts with Flipkart. It feels like they are going to stop their business, because Flipkart wanted them to stop competing and paid some money to get the return of their investment. It does not feel like they are still doing the business after merging with Flipkart.

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Ta-da List Retired, what are you using?

When I came to know about Ta-da List (I don’t remember how), I got very much impressed with the simplicity of the app. I able to do what I needed. So, I started using it. It became one of my favorite to-do list application. And I am using it not just as a to-do list app.

Now they retired it. But I can still access the lists I have already created and even I can create new list. It just stopped getting new sign ups. According to them, there are dozens and dozens of great free to-do list apps on the web and dozens more on the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. So, what are you using as your to-do list app?

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