The Evolution of “Kalyan Mandap”

When I was a teenager, I heard something called Kalyan Mandap. I did not understand what’s that. I knew that weddings were done at home, temples, churches and at the court. Then I came to know that those days people started organizing weddings at a place (hall) called Kalyan Mandap. I did not understand why it’s called as Kalyan Mandap? Why not Wedding Hall or something in Odia? Then I thought, “OK, so people will come here and bless (kalyana in Odia) the newlyweds, so people call this as Kalyan Mandap“.

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Facebook Timeline for Pages issue on March 1st

Yesterday, Facebook started preview of Timeline for Pages. Many pages started using it too. Even we did for our Discover Bhubaneswar page. Yesterday it was working fine. But today, when we posted photos on our wall, it appeared on the news feed (home), but not on the page. I tried to see what is the problem and how can I fix it for the time being. I tried to edit the photo and saw that it’s showing 2012 March — . I changed the date to 1. When I tried to click on “Done Editing” button, it said “You cannot move a story to a time later than when it was posted.”. I tried to change the date from 1 to –, and when I tried to save it, it again said that error. When I changed that to 2012 February 29, it saved and showed the photo after few posts.

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Airtel vs Reliance in customer service

I was very much impressed by the quality customer service by Airtel Broadband in Chennai. So, I opted to use Airtel for my mobile phone, when I came to Odisha, though I knew that Airtel is costly than other providers. At that time Docomo launched recently and people were enquiring about it, still I preferred Airtel.

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I’m not twenty seven…

In my last post, I posted a review of the book “The Habit of Winning” as a part of the book review program at Soon after the review, I received another book from up for review. This time it was “I’m not twenty four… I’ve been nineteen for five years…” by Sachin Garg. I felt good, as I recently read an awesome book and I am going to read another one. I planned to read it as soon as possible, so that I can write the review within 7 days.

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The Habit of Winning

Around a month back, I have posted about how I am interested to read different books. I have bought few books in the past, caught few in libraries, got a couple of them from friends as gifts, but I have only completed few of them. But this time, I completed a book in less than 10 days (I could have completed this within a week, but this week, I was really much busy.). So, what made this change? There are two reasons: first one is I have to write a review within 7 days and the second one is what I learned (yes, learned) in the book.

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