I have 15 Google Wave Invitations left out of 20. I want to invite some people, not randomly or whoever asks me. So please post a comment on this post and I will select some people from you to invite to have a preview of Google Wave.

I found many people are turning these invitations to money making machine. So people are using this as social money, which perhaps is good. If someone wants to share these invitations to her/his followers then nothing wrong with that. This is similar, even better than to share with your friend. But some people are doing some disgusting stuff. Some people have created websites with many ad banners and asks you to forward some number of people to their website from a unique short link. And they say you will get your invitations like that. I am not sure whether those people accept this trick seriously and post that link on twitter thinking that their followers might click on that link and they might get an invite, getting a invite or not!

There are few people who create too many email ids and send invitations to their own other email ids, so they can multiply the invitations they have and make money from that. The math is simple, if you have an Google wave account, then you will get 20 invitations (I got 8 initially and other 12 today morning). So if you share these with your other email ids, then you will get 400 invitations. You can make these 400 to 160,000 – but this process may take some more days, in by that time Google Wave may open to all. So these people start their bad business with these 400 invitations. Learned little late, not everyone can share invites, only those who got invitations from Google itself can share them.

I found some people asking for invitations on twitter with some brand new twitter account. And the only purpose of the account is to ask other people for Google Wave invites.

I am interested to share these invitations with those people who look like deserving on my eyes. So with the comment say something about you, add a link to your blog, portfolio, website, twitter, identi.ca, facebook, friendsfeed, digg or any other link you like to. So that I can know and understand you better to share a Google Wave invite with you. It may take some time (even more than a day) for your to receive the invitation. As the people at Google say,

Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick.

You don’t need to be a Geek or technocrat to be selected by me, I have shared these invitations with journalism student, film editor and media director, computer science student and IT professionals. And the next is you!

If you like, you can follow me at twitter. And don’t miss the comic below – The Brads – Social Currency by Brad Colbow

No more invitations left for now. I will let you know if I am getting more again. Thank you all for the requests.

Got some more Google invitations to share. If you need one, please request a demo public preview here. After using this for an hour or more, if you feel like using it for more time with your own account then comment on that post explaining how do you feel about Google wave, how is your experience with the demo public preview, why do want to use Google wave. Also don’t forget to tell about you and put some link to your social media.

Everyone got 8 invitations today. The demo account I created for public use also got 8. So I disabled that for public use. So all old rule for this post is valid to get one. Better ask any of your friend who is already on Google Wave for one. Hope you will get that easily in that way.

Image credit: Fickr – thelastminuteBig Wave Surfing Teahupoo Tahiti