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  • Yours is Ringing!

    You must be thinking what’s the title of this post mean? Well, I inspired by one dialogue of movie Namaste London, which says “Bhai saab, aapki ghanti baj rahi hai”, in Hindi. This mean: “Brother, your phone is ringing”. Also, when someone is tensed and confused, then also people say the same words!

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to my blog. Booked this domain and installed WordPress and FREEmium theme. Need to customize this theme a lot, however like this theme. Will reduce blogging at debiprasad.wordpress.com and dpstechno.blogspot.com and post here. Some of the posts which I like most, will be copied from those two blogs. So many more interesting stuffs are…

  • India Elections Can Win Oscars

    India elections campaign to Oriya music album, Jai Ho and Baula lo

  • A Good Free Antivirus for You

    This post was originally posted on Debiprasad’s Techno Expressions Many friends often ask me, “I have (oops… my system) infected by a virus”, “Hey, tell me good Antivirus”, “I got a new PC, give me all good (they call it good, I say essentials) software you have”… so on. As I am helpful in nature,…

  • A Middle Click of Your Mouse

    This post was originally posted on Debiprasad’s Techno Expressions Very less people aware about the 3rd button of their mouse. They only know the left button, right button and scroll wheel. But they don’t know that if they press the wheel, this will work as the third button or middle click. And using this 3rd…

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